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Attractions: Pala-U waterfall near Hua hin

Attractions: Pala-U waterfall

Pala-U is a 15-level waterfall along a creek stretching out to the Burmese border. It's about 60 km west of Hua Hin. It's in the south end of Kaeng Krachan national park (Thailand's biggest national park), so if you're not a Thai citizen you have to pay an entrance of 200 Bath.

There is also an elephant camp, at the left side of the park entrance. This is a better deal than the ones in Hua Hin, since the jungle is more genuine. You don't have to pay the park entrance fee to do this ride.

Most visitors are turning back after the third level. I recommend you to keep on going as far as your physics allow you to.

Watch out for; slippery stones, muddy track during rain, mosquitoes, leeches. I was also told there are tigers and black panthers in the area. I don't know if that's true.

To get there; rent a car or a motorbike, get a taxi or let the hotel staff arrange the trips. The touts along the Hua Hin streets are overpriced. Hua Hin Tour operators offer a great private tour, a good deal if you don't want to arrange the trip by yourself.

Bring water for this trip, you'll need it. And, keep the park clean!
Tourist Places around Pa La Au Waterfall

Pala-u Hua Hin waterfall
Located at Kaeng Krachan National Park, there are 2 routes to get there. Coming from the park headquarter, enter Song Pee Nong Village, pass Yang Chum Village, Nong Pub Village. Then go further to La Au Forest by following the signs. The total distance is 80 kilometers.
If coming from Bangkok, enter Petkasem Road, pass Petchaburi city, Ta Yang district, to Cha Am-Panburi By-Pass Road, turn into Houy Mong Kon Village at a junction, then go along on Royal Road Number 3218-3219 (Hua Hin district-Pa La Au route) for 19 kilometers, you won’t miss Pa La Au Waterfall. Below, there are 4 tourist attractions around Pa La Au Waterfall.

1). Pa La Au Waterfall
This 15-tier waterfall flows all year round. Each tier is unique in beauty. Especially, at 15th tier, it was explored by just a few people, but everybody said the same thing “ never been, never know what the utmost beauty is like”.

2). Chonlanark Waterfall
Even though it is a 3-tier waterfall, its cliff stands the tallest in Kaeng Krachan National Park. The height is about 150 to 200 meters. Located in proximity to Pa La Au Waterfall, it usually takes about 6 hour walking and requires one night stay over. Sound is hard, isn’t it?

3). Nature Route
800 meters long of the nature route starts at a parking lot and ends at the 1st tier of Pa La Au Waterfall. With signs along the route and walking on a hanging bridge, it offers the most memorable nature learning.

4). Houy Pa Lao Reservoir
Here is one of the best bird watching points in Kaeng Krachan National Park.

Unfortunately, there is no guesthouse and restaurant offered around Pa La Au Waterfall. Therefore, tents and easy to cook or semi cooked food must be brought if wanting to stay over. Prior to trek into the forest, you are recommended to obtain some important information at the station of Houy Pa Lao Protection Center. Speed is limited and caution is in need, because elephants often cross the route. It opens for visitor from 8 am. to 5 pm.

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